A Revolution in Pain Relief
Meloxicam Oral Suspension is easy to administer with no needles required. This innovative new formulation offers a humane and effective way to ensure cattle comfort and pain management. In addition, it is: 
CQM and BQA friendly
Fast acting
Long lasting
A great value

Proven Under Canadian Conditions
When Solvet began developing a product for Canadian producers, it was important that the result was ready for Canadian conditions. That’s why all trials were conducted in Alberta with local Producers and Veterinarians. Alberta agriculture scientists were consulted and all trials were conducted under Clinical Lab Product and Good Clinical Practice guidelines.

Results You Can See
Clinical trials are important but the payoff is in the health of your animals and their comfort.
Animals treated with Meloxicam Oral Suspension demonstrate the following signs of decreased pain:
PhysiologyReduced Heart Rate
BehaviourIncreased pen movement, less time lying
Inflammation - Reduced scrotal swelling

For alleviation of pain and inflammation following surgical and band castration in cattle.

Available in Four Sizes
Small Dosage 150 mL Bottle, comes with Draw Off Cap
Convenient 1 L Bottle, comes with Draw Off Cap
Economical 4 L Jug